Are your hearing aids on today?

Can you hear me?
Are your hearing aids on?

    Don’t you just hate when someone says to you “are your aids on today? are you sure they’re working?

No matter how many times I explain to hearing people that hearing aids do not give you 20/20 hearing, I get a look of disbelief.
Hearing people seem to believe that if you are wearing one or even two hearing aids, why aren’t you hearing the whole conversation.  The idea that speech discrimination varies, that pitch, sound, acoustics, emotional and physical feelings all affect my ability to hear well or poorly is a concept that most hearing people cannot grasp.   Sometimes, even the weather will cause my tinnitus to roar so loudly, that I can’t seem to focus on what is being said.  Tinnitus is a whole other ballgame to hearing people. 
What really bothers me is that hearing people find it somewhat easier to understand deafness than hearing loss.  It seems to compare to being totally blind vs. wearing glasses and being visually impaired.  If one more hearing person asks me whether my hearing aid is working, I plan to write a book called  “Understanding Hearing Loss for Hearing Dummies.”

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  1. I totally feel your frustrations. Few people with good hearing are ever going to understand what it’s like to be HoH, we’ll have to just keep fighting the fight!

    Merry Christmas,

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  3. Hey! I’m totally with you on this.

    Please DO write your Hearing Loss for Hearing Dummies….. maybe just a little pamphlet that we could all keep in our back pockets or pocketbooks or whatever, and just hand to people who ask that (and other questions).

    I’d love it!

  4. Oh man, ya gotta love the idea of that one Carol. I love the idea of a pamphlet u whip out when u come across someone saying to you at a gathering, “oh by the way dear, is your hearing aid on? is it working today.” You reach into your back pocket, whip out this beautiful layed out pamphlet called: Answers to your dumb questions about your friends with hearing loss. ……LOVE IT! or If I don’t hear you, It’s because I don’t want to. Understanding your friends with hearing loss. or just plain ole “Hearing loss for Hearing Dummies.” the short version I also sort of like a pamphlet idea called:
    Answers you always wanted to give to your hearing friends most asked questions.

  5. Sigh…I am a teacher who is gradually losing her hearing. I have noticed a marked difference in the last few years. I try to be honest with my students about how a hearing aid works, my loss, etc…most are really great about making sure I’m paying attention before they talk, speaking up, etc…but some (because they are 13-14) are downright nasty. They mumble rude comments under their breath and make stupid noises, knowing I won’t know who’s talking and what is said. It’s hateful; makes me hurt and angry. Wish there was a pamphlet that explained all this…but for them, it would have to be a “dumbed down dummies” version.

  6. LBjatl, I’m in the educational system but as a social worker. I do many speaking engagements on hearing loss with teachers and many other professionals. One thing I would do with the class, is google earplugs and buy a load full of earplugs. the throw away ones and make sure it has a minimum of producing a 35 db loss.

    Make the class, the whole class wear it through out one whole period. If you have computer access in your room, there are programs that you can play for the class first showing the students what it sounds like to be in a classroom or bus station or a party while people are speaking to you. The examples are given at different types of hearing losses and with male and female voices. Make a class lesson out of it. Then toward the middle of the lesson, hand out the earplugs and continue to give a class lesson and make sure to pick on the rowdy students to answer your questions. here are several sites, pick one that you would use, but definitely purchase earplugs, buy in in bulk online

    earplugs at:

  7. Fabulous idea!! Thank you so much!! After I get through the writing test this month, this will be my next lesson!

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