INSIDE THESE WALLS, by Kayla Siebold

I woke up in a house of glass, and I can’t find the key…

Somewhere in the darkness I seem to have lost me….

I see you standing there, in your heart I know you care;

Although your smile warms my heart,
our souls are still “miles” apart

The walls are closing in on me,
the air is getting thin, I need to find an opening,

I want to let somebody in…

In your eyes I see the the pain that you wear
as you witness the burden I must bear

In your voice I find my peace,
for this is my strength I need release….

Kayla, a young mother, lost her hearing suddenly the day before her wedding in the fall of 2007. 

0 thoughts on “INSIDE THESE WALLS, by Kayla Siebold

  1. What a great way to share your anguish and get your feelings out.
    I can feel your pain but also see some hope.

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