Better Late Than Never…..Big win on captioned theatres

ALDA vs. Cinemark theatres lawsuit was a big victory this past week.  Cinemark theatres have agreed to provide closed captioning options at first run movies.  This is truly a big victory for all of us.  Regal theatres have also promised to provide captioning at their theatres nationwide.

What this means for people like you and me is that we no longer have to miss a movie and wait for it to be released on DVD.  It also means, the movie will be available to us at any of its showings, not just the matinee at 1:00 p.m on a Wednesday afternoon.

To those of us who are hearing impaired and late deafened, ALDA has been here for us. Even though they are an all volunteer organization, they hope to one day be a major organization with a  national office representing all of us. All I can say is that ALDA has made our dream come true and taken up the battles to fight that we could not have proceeded ahead without them. And who knows, maybe, just maybe, this is the organization that will help win the battle of the unaffordable hearing aid.

Join me in congratulating ALDA and all the people who helped make theatre captioning a reality.

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  1. Great! Thanks and congratulations to everyone who worked on it.

    Now the next question — when might we expect to see this change happen and be able to go to the movies?

    — gratitude is such a fleeting thing. Now that we have their commitment, we want to see it implemented!

  2. I would be greatly pleased if movie rental outfits such as Netflix would see to it that ALL their movies had subtitles. Most of them do, which I appreciate… but still too many do not. I don’t suppose it is Netflix who puts on the subtitles, but if they got on the bandwagon with us, they could help apply pressure in the appropriate places.

    Sometimes my heart sinks when we click the “subtitles” tab and see that they are available only in foreign languages. I suppose clicking on French or Spanish ‘titles might help me brush up on my rusty partial knowledge of them, but I don’t need to make viewing movies a chore.

    I’ve recently noticed that some newer DVD’s have audio descriptions of what’s going on, for sightless people. That is a great advance.

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