Captioning the world and speaking of politics….

I don’t know about your town but even here in NYC, I can’t find enough theatres that have the most recent films with closed captioning.  Usually the most recent films will be shown in Manhattan.  Not exactly the most convenient place for me to get to.  I realize we’re suppose to be grateful that there is even one theatre with closed captioning but I was under the impression that every theatre had to have captioning availability in at least one movie being shown out of the ten to fifteen.  I thought that rear window captioning had to be available.

Lately, I don’t even watch television unless the show or movie has closed captions.  I recently wrote the Obama site online and told them I was very interested in their videos but unable to understand what was being said without captions.   They replied immediately and sent me to a site that had almost all there videos captioned:

Lets face it, not many political videos get to be captioned but I guess someone is paying attention and I am certainly impressed.  In anycase, I don’t want u to get the wrong idea, I’m not endorsing anyone, though Obama’s campaign captioning their video’s led me to search google as to whether the McCain campaign were captioning their videos as well. 

My search, literally came up empty for McCain and captioning.  Sad, but true. You’d think the man could at least relate to the elderly having a hearing problem, but its a no show on captions.

Anyway, my point is, we need more captioning to keep us informed and involved.  Captioning the world over would certainly be a good start.  But for now, I’ll settle for a theatre in every borough of New York City to provide captioning.

More than anything, I want movie theatres to be more accessible and my meetings at work to be more accessible.  Life is just too complicated with so much to pay attention to, let alone hearing it all.

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  1. I’ve attended several captioned theatrical performances as well as signed interpreter performances here in NYC.

  2. Hi Deb Ann,
    I miss you too. I’ve had to stop using the computer so much for my health. I was getting lots of headaches. I think the key is to limit my computer time each day. When I get a handle on this I’ll start reading and writing more. I didn’t write this article by the way. It was one of the other SWC blog editors.

    I completely agree with her too. I waited and waited for the new Batman movie to come out with captions. I still haven’t seen it. Unlike the other editor, I’ll come right out and say I do endorse Obama, but I’m speaking only for myself, not the SayWhatClub. We have our share of Republican members. 🙂

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