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I Don’t Speak Mask (or Mock); I Speak HOPE. As hearing loss advocate, I couldn’t stay silent about pandemic-inspired masks. But I’m a procrastinator. I’m… Read More »Hope

The Trouble with Hearing Loss Memes

I look for hearing loss memes to post on our work Facebook page. Some are funny, some are true and some are way off base.  Let’s take a look at memes.

This happens all the time with people who have hearing loss and there’s a variety of reasons. We can sense the other person’s agitation and we still didn’t hear it so we nod and let it go. Or someone is in deep denial still and afraid to admit they can’t hear.

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Boise or Bust!

By Michele Linder Many SWCers are gearing up for travel or are already on their way to Boise, Idaho, our convention city, where we’ll be… Read More »Boise or Bust!

I’m a Lipreader

By Chelle Wyatt I’m a lipreader and I say that to people thinking it’s straight forward.  I haven’t said hard of hearing in a few years because… Read More »I’m a Lipreader

A Magic Wand

By Chelle Wyatt There are times I wish I could wave a wand to make others hard of hearing for a day or two.  I’m… Read More »A Magic Wand

A Tribal Fling

by Chelle Wyatt Most of us who are hard of hearing live among the hearing and probably don’t have hard of hearing friends to hang… Read More »A Tribal Fling

Hearing Loop

My first hearing loop experience was at the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) convention in Rhode Island last year. At my first workshop, one… Read More »Hearing Loop

Cutbacks for the Deaf in Israel and the Consequences for the Israeli Deaf Population by Nena Bar & Boaz Ahad-Haam translated by Omer Zak

The Hebrew version of this article can be accessed on the below link,7340,L-4326134,00.html The Deaf (in Israel) struggle against cutback in interpreting hours ===================================================================… Read More »Cutbacks for the Deaf in Israel and the Consequences for the Israeli Deaf Population by Nena Bar & Boaz Ahad-Haam translated by Omer Zak

Show Me Your Ears

Fellow blogger and hard of hearing advocate, Lip Reading Mom, has a great campaign going this month called Show Me Your Ears. (You can… Read More »Show Me Your Ears


What is tinnitus Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of external stimuli,meaning a person affected by tinnitus hears sounds no one else… Read More »Tinnitus

Our World

In 1998, I gathered with about 30 other SayWhatClub members in Rocky Mountain National Park for a long weekend camp out. That was the first… Read More »Our World


I started doing volunteer work in my early twenties. My ex-husband joined the Marine-Corps as soon as we got out of high school. Not long… Read More »Volunteer

South Pacific

Utah-CAN worked hard to get a play captioned for us and I wanted to support their efforts. I dreaded using the phone to buy tickets… Read More »South Pacific