Communication ain’t just what it use to be!

One of the things I find interesting is when people interpret my posts and emails differently than the way I had intended them to come across.  All of a sudden, I start getting responses I never expected and realize that my email or post is being misinterpreted.  Or is it possible that I’m miscommunicating?  Jeesh, its difficult enough communicating face to face with hearing loss but being misunderstood in an email sort of throws u, making u feel as though there is no way to communicate.

 Guess until we can start putting emoticons into every sentence, there’s always the possibility of being read wrong, being misunderstood.  I think for now I’ll stick to text messaging and keeping it simple.

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  1. Hang in there gang….the blog is awesome. keep up the good work. people will read what they want no matter what you do. I am always being “coached” at work for how I phrase my emails and told what I should or should not say. I’ll soon reach the point that my emails are yes or no and that is it.

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