Deaf and hearing loss communities

Since Pepsico created a commercial for the Superbowl involving the Deaf community and using sign language in that particular commercial, the AG Bell auditory school of thought (i like calling it that) wrote a letter to Pepsico expressing disappointment.

Personally, I did not view this commercial necessarily as a victory as much as I saw it as a clear recognition of a community. The Deaf Community.  Why can’t AG Bell see this as a positive beginning.  Afterall, in the past, the hearing world has not recognized any of us: Deaf individuals, deaf or people with hearing loss.  Actually, how can we honestly expect an organization as big as AG Bell accept any of us, when we don’t accept each other. 

The Deaf community feels they are put on the defensive when people question them about ASL. I certainly understand why the Deaf community feels their culture is being threatened when told to get a CI or learn English or whatever the demand is.   The CI community and the hearing loss community are stuck between two worlds, neither of which, really want to deal with us unless a) we sign or b) we hear.

Naturally, I just want us all to get along because if we can’t and we don’t, how can we expect the bigger picture, the world to get along?  Communities are very important in our lives, we all need it and we all need to feel accepted.

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  1. I agree!

    Can we get along?

    Yes we can but when one say that you cannot do that such as using sign language, that is when there is a problem.

    Many(almost all of us) Deaf people accept all deaf people whether they are CI, Oral or whatever, just respect our communication needs such as speaking, signing, etc.

    But AGBell doesn’t want ANY deaf people to use sign language and this is where the problem begins.

    So, now, we all understand this, and we do get along according to most of us, but AGBell is the big reason why we have been so divided since 128 years ago.

    We need to tell AGBell to change their stubborn ideology of the idea that sign language ruins speech which is false.

    The deaf, oral, cued community is not the problem, it is AGBell.

    John Egbert

  2. I, too, agree that the commercial did represent the community which have been lacking in the hearing world. I also completely agree that the HoH people are stuck between two worlds and did not know what to do with either worlds until they have truly investigated _both_ worlds. I am pleased to see what the deaf community offered and just about to accept myself as a deaf individual (bitterness keeps me from moving towards complete acceptance, but I’m learning).

    It may seem that the AGBAD have been uninformed that ASL keeps deaf individual isolated, especially in today’s world with internet. Not to mention better schooling where people generally have better writing/reading skills (I don’t know how the past deaf individuals did, but I shall look into it as I am always learning. smile).

    I have seen nothing but acceptance from all deaf persons and hearing persons on deafread about the use of ASL and C.I. We all know that people are not cured when they get C.I, the _nearest_ to a ‘cure’ which really isn’t a cure at all (from my own experience, I still need closed captions). And because of that, we really ought to embrace everyone with any sort of hearing loss and any sort of technology form (or lack there of).

    peace! Rini

  3. Rini, I don’t think AGBell was uninformed, especially when so many of its oral graduates learned ASL afterwards. It is biased against ASL… an old mentality that persisted through the times, even though ASL had been recognized as a bona fide language. I am not sure why AGBell is still so adamant against ASL. Its logic defies me

  4. I agree with Mishkazena that AG Bell isn’t uninformed, just stubborn. I do understand (I believe) the “logic” of it though – the more nonsense they can sell, the more money there is in it. Just call me cynical. 😉

  5. I see, well, that still isn’t right. Stubborn or uninformed, it’s still messed up. I wonder if it is too much to hope if they will learn something from the commercial.

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