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   In mid-1999, I stood at the elevators outside of my ENT’s office, tears rolling down my cheeks.  I’d just found out that my hearing had taken another huge drop.  I’d been progressively losing my hearing for about 5 years.  I’d been using hearing aids for about half of that time, but I was needing adjustments to them, more and more often and I didn’t know or understand anything about my hearing loss.  I realized at that moment, as I bottomed out, that I needed help.  Not the kind of medical help that audiologists and ENT’s could provide, but something else.  Something more.  I came home, got online and did a search for ‘Hearing Loss Support’.

   The SayWhatClub caught my eye and I clicked the link, and never looked back.  From the first person I met, my Hospitality Commitee mentor, I knew I was home.  I was placed on the World list, and soon found myself the center of warm welcomes. As the years rolled by, I began to learn about my hearing loss.  About coping skills, in tough hearing situations.  I learned there was a whole world of people out there just like me.  People who understood when you just had to vent.  They understood because they’d all either been there, done that, or would be going through it soon.

    I began to attend the yearly conventions, when I could. A bond was formed that has only grown stronger over the years.  I served the club as a List Rep, a convention co-chair and now I am President of the Board of Directors.

      Three years ago, due mainly to knowledge acquired right here, I got a cochlear implant.  I could suddenly  hear much better.  I didn’t require the same accommodations that I’d needed before.  But my feelings for, and bond with my friends on the SayWhatClub lists remained, and remains, strong.The hearing loss is secondary, now.  They are my friends, first, because of who they are.

     What is it worth, to have friends like these?  To belong?  To know that what you are going through is shared by others who care about you?  It’s worth a lot.  More than I have.  I know that every person that belongs to the SayWhatClub has a story just like, or at least similar to mine on how you arrived here, and what made you stay. As we open our SayWhatClub official weblog, we ask that you visit, talk with us here, tell us your stories.  And then come, join us at  We HEAR you.

Linda M. Binns

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  1. As always it is great to read the wonderful things you write Linda. Say What Club has been blessed by your dedication and devotion. Thank YOU!!

    Kim B

  2. Linda,

    Your experience (particularly the part about finding SWC) is so similar to mine! I was confused, lost, and tried the best resource I knew to find help – a Google search on “hearing loss” – and the SayWhatClub popped up (not first, but most interesting) and just like you, I never looked back. Now I’m on the SWC Chat Committee, and just a couple days ago joined (by invitation) the Hospitality Committee.

    SWC is a uniquely wonderful and powerful (in a personal way) organization. I thank God that the founders saw the need, and created a place for all of us who are struggling daily with our varied issues to find friendship, support, and first hand information.

    All my respect to you as President of the Board – I’ve never been a President, but have served on a BOD for a non-profit before, and it’s quite the committment, and often quite the challenge. Best of luck to you, for all our sakes, as you lead us forward in the wonderful mission of the SayWhatClub.

    Paul S
    AKA: LifeWrecked

  3. Just wanted to say that I love the design for the webblog and Linda as usual you have such a gift with words. I can just picture you standing here. Thank goodness for the SayWhatClub and for all that make it such a wonderful club.

  4. Linda–I LOVE you. Thanks for opening up and writing this heartfelt message. It’s so close to what so many of us have experienced with late-deafness. Kim

  5. What a wonderful start to the Say What Club’s outreach project! Thank you, Linda, for all that you do.

    I’ve been a member since 2001, soon after I got a computer and was online. I found SWC from another hearing site that was very confusing and not very informative in way that I needed. SWC has been a boon to me. A couple of years before joining SWC, I joined a 12-step program which helped a lot, but not the way the SWC has.

    As a member of the Hospitality Committee, I sincerely hope that the many, many people who need our supportive environment will join us.


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