Friends of my friend tinnitus

My tinnitus is getting the best of me this week.  With the weather changing from cold to warm and from warm to freezing, my tinnitus gets louder and louder each day.  I live near the beach so I imagine that the roaring sounds in my head are the waves pounding against each other.

I feel sluggish, tired and weighed down by the noises on one side of my head.  Sometimes, I think if I remove the hearing aid on my other ear, I won’t hear the sounds.  Many people have approached me recently about their own start of tinnitus.  People who have never had a hearing problem are suddenly experiencing tinnitus by the mere fact that they are getting up there in years.

I somehow wish that lifewrecked’s tinny (2/17/08) and my tinny would take a walk and give me some space.  It’s not easy being uploaded on sounds and noises all day long and trying to make sense of why I feel so emotionally vulnerable, wanting to crawl under the covers.    Of course most days with tinnitus are not so aggravatingly exhausting.  Most days I can go about my business and ignore the sounds. 

I try to avoid advil, tylenol and several other over the counter meds as they cause my tinnitus to roar.  I wonder whether anyones tinnitus ever speak? lol.  I guess if you’re hearing voices you certainly have to consider you have a very different and more serious condition than tinnitus.  

I guess its time to take a vacation, being hearing impaired can be so emotionally exhausting and tinnitus makes me physically drained.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your tinnitus. I wish I had a cure for you. Hope it all ends soon.

  2. i do have tinnitus once in while. i try not to think about it. hearing aid always tiggers my tinnitus. that is why i am not wearing any.

  3. Sorry you have to go through this. This caught my eye thinking we had the same thing. I have been having lightheaded/nausea feeling and it is worse when I wear my hearing aid feeling like passing out then dizzy for a long time. I was recently diagnosed ear viral infection which is hard to beat. No pain or cold symptoms. One symptom is having tinnitus. Googled on the site for ear viral, some go few months, ten months or even two years! So far it’s been a week for me. Ugh…

  4. I used to get tinnitus when I was younger but I’ve been lucky in that I haven’t had it in the last 5-7 years or so.

    In response to the comment from h, I think that it is the fact that I wear hearing aids all the time that stopped the tinnitus. If I do go an hour or two without my aids then I do start to notice a buzzing and other sounds that I am sure are not really there.

  5. Couldn’t agree more and you know you’ve got my empathy. Tinnitus certainly could drive one to the brink of that other more serious condition you mention! Mine’s never spoken to me (yet ), but as you know, it’s quite willing at times to sing to me (in vague, distant “choir” voices).

    Being nearly certified nuts as I am , I wonder if there really *is* a loose connection between the big “S” an the cause of tinnitus in otherwise normal people. Neuroscence currently has it that our brains are wired to be highly adaptive in the sense that they’ll take their best shot at dealing with lousy inputs (senses) and give us a best and fasstest guess (perception) what they mean. It’s also been shown that schizophrenic’s brains are actually physically different in some ways than “normal”. Just rambling.

    Hang in there and keep loving the good parts of life.

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