Hear Me

I rarely walk around without my hearing aid on during the day, as I work full-time and am in constant conversation with my clients.  However, on this one day,  I decided to be deaf.  Not sure why, except that maybe the constant noise of phones ringing, peoples’ voices chatting away was beginning to overwhelm my senses that day.

I only wear one hearing aid and that’s because my other ear has no speech discrimination.  So without the aid, I hear very little. During the course of the first hour, I realized and I mean, fully became aware of how much I actually did not hear and though my colleagues knew I took off my hearing aid, initially, no one appeared to communicate any differently with me, knowing, I could not hear.  That’s when it hit me.  Hearing people have no understanding of what it means to “not hear.” They have no idea that I am watching their lips move and nothing they are saying is being heard or understood.

I admit to being a very poor lip reader but I do read people well. I can see the build up of their frustration in  “my” not hearing them. I can see their blood pressure rising as the coloring in their faces change and their mouths fly wide open, thinking, she’ll hear me if I just scream a bit louder, open my mouth a bit wider.  I want to yell STOP this madness.  Stop, listen, learn.  No matter how many times I tell these people, yelling does not make me “understand” the words being said, I continue to feel misunderstood or is it my hearing loss thats misunderstood.  NO, it’s just hearing loss that is not understood.  I refuse to take the blame for “their” frustration.

I put my hearing aid back into my ear and the world is turned back on.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Hearing people do not understand that they have to speak clearly and slowly. Telling them does no good at all. I’m also wondering if others don’t just take out their aids for peace and quiet some times. Has anybody else lost their ability to enjoy music, not recognizing tones or instruments so music is just an annoying noise?

  2. I am a fairly decent lip reader. I sometimes take my aid out of my one “good” ear to stop the “sound headaches.” Hearing people really do not understand about communicating with the deaf or HoH. Sometimes I just need quiet. Yes, sometimes even music is nothing more than annoying noise

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