Help SayWhatClub Stop Hearing Loss Bullying


By Shanna Groves /

As a person with hearing loss, I have seen bullying first hand. I’ve been called ‘stupid,’ ‘mule-headed,’ and have been nicknamed ‘La-La-Land Shanna.’ I simply want to be known as Shanna. Help the more than 48 million people in the United States and worldwide with hearing loss and deafness by bringing awareness to the need to stop this kind of harassment and bullying. People who are deaf or hard of hearing need acceptance, not rejection, to thrive in school and the workplace.

Sign the Stop Hearing Loss Bullying Petition

Visit the Official Stop Hearing Loss Bullying Page

Do you have personal experience with this kind of bullying? Please share your comments.

167 thoughts on “Help SayWhatClub Stop Hearing Loss Bullying

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