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Looks like Clinton and Obama will be going neck and neck till the very end of the primaries.  Clinton’s commercials had captions but I had not seen any from Obama.  I recently read on someone’s blog about their attending one of Obama’s big speaking engagements.  There was a sign language interpreter placed in the back of the stage who could not hear what Obama was saying and it was difficult for those who needed the interpreter to see her.  Where is CART?

So, one of the easiest ways for any of these candidates to attract a huge population of voters (Deaf and hearing loss) would be to provide ASL interpreters, appropriately placed on stage along with CART.  How difficult could this be?  There are millions of voting seniors out there who would benefit from CART during these primaries and a few more  thousand in denial of their hearing loss and who could definitely use CART.   We all have a right to know what the platforms are for all these candidates.

In the end, we need to be certain that the winner of the primaries knows what our communication needs are.  We can’t expect them to know what we need.  Yes, I know this is the 21st century but we can’t take anything for granted.  We want to exercise our right to vote and we want it to count.   I plan to email the winner of the primaries and explain what my communication needs are, besides my needing a raise and some taxbreaks and a new computer… 

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  1. You offer some excellent solutions that hopefully at some point, the Obama campaign will listen to and modify. But, with the large percentage wins witnessed yesterday in the Potomac states, sadly I suspect Obama will further marginalize the Deaf community and see it as wasteful spending of his campaign funds to to any of these implementations. He’s in a position now where he doesn’t really *need* our votes anymore and can easily afford to thumb his nose at us.

    This is clearly Change. But it isn’t Change for the better as past campaigns have been more accessible to Deaf voters than today. We may be entering the dark ages under Obama’s leadership.

  2. My son went to the democratic caucaus here. I would have liked to attend but truthfully it wasn’t good timing for me, however I wondered if any accommodations would be in place. I wasn’t even sure who to ask about accommodations or where to start. If I had been more serious about it, I might have researched it, but I’m curious now. I haven’t seen any commercials from any candidates yet. I don’t watch a lot of TV, however I’ve been watching more lately. I’m waiting to see who will caption. That’s makes a big difference to me.

  3. Bryen, however, I would like to give Obama a chance before snubbing my nose at him. McCain has NOT done anything either and we do have to look at the bigger picture, I hope.

  4. Remember it is not the candidates, but the campaign workers behind the scenes who are the ones who would make such request. Yes, give Obama a chance! Bet he has much bigger issues to worry about; however, it s indeed a shame that we are not getting as much information as the rest of the people in our country.

    Rooting for a Hillary/Obama team!!!!

  5. I don’t think an obama/clinton team is a reality because clinton has too much pride to take second place and vice versa. The other thing is, all those voters who are anti-Hilary and anti Obama would just turn their votes elsewhere. This is going to be one of the most interesting Presidential elections since Kennedy. Its already a history making primary.

  6. Yeah, but one can always dream of and hope for a Hillary/Obama team for a great America and a better world. They both are beautiful people and share smiliar goals eventhough Hillary is outspoken about some issues and Obama is more quiet about them.

  7. “The Buck Stops Here” is a famous phrase that President Harry S. Truman used. What it means is that ultimately you are accountable for the actions of your team.

    To SayTheWord and Anna, here’s my position. If you look at the comments, the Obama team has been told a number of times in recent months about this issue. The other issue is that in past elections, interpreters have been placed on stage near the candidate at all times. This time, we see them hidden. That’s a conscious effort to reverse the changes of the past.

    Maybe Obama didn’t tell his campaign staff to hide the interpreters, but he is ultimately responsible for the actions of his team. Just as we hold Bush accountable for the actions of his administration. We don’t say “Oh well, his staff gave him bad information, so let’s not blame him.” We hold him accountable.

    Why shouldn’t Obama not be held accountable for his team? What makes him different from anyone else? I sincerely hope that Obama will make the necessary positive changes moving forward. And if he does, he’ll be back in my good graces again.

    The ADA has been in existence since 1990. That’s nearly 18 years now since it was passed. The time for claiming ignorance of the law and existence of our needs is long past.

  8. Bryen, u make some very good points, however, I feel we need to give them all the benefit of the doubt. Their heads are in clouds right now and they can’t see the bigger picture. I still say we all write the whole team and OBAMA concerning our issues and dismay. However, remember, there are bigger issues than us. Much bigger. Naturally, I want him to have the whole package of solutions. But of all the problems that could be resolved, I think ours is the simplest and thats why we need to email and inundate the teams with information and educate them.

  9. I think an Obama-Clinton team would be a powerhouse team and very few Dems that I know are really that anti-either. Most are anti-Republican. I saw an interview with Clinton the other night. She said her relationship with Obama is very amiable. Obama himself has vowed to stick to the issues. They do respect each other. Maybe I’m dreaming, but if those two paired up I think they’d take the country by storm. They really compliment each other if you think about it.

  10. Until this day today captioning and interpreting services are examples that our society still do not understand the importance of our needs in the deaf/hoh communities, it is our responsibility to make sure that we address this probelm — taking ACTION.

    In response to SaytheWord, where and when this Obama speaking engagement took place? If it took place, did we address the problem? Has Obama provided any public information regarding communication needs for the deaf? If none whatsover, then we must report assuring that our needs are met! We have reported 30 mil deaf/hoh citizens living in our country not to mention eldery who recently lost their hearing and much more who aren’t accounted for.

    Honestly, we need to take action to change that will impact on the presidential candidates. In order to that, only a presidential candidate will seriously listen to us that a change is our top priority in America.

    Lastly, I applaud SaytheWord that primaries must understand what our communication needs are!

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