Love Page

The SWC Love Page is a way for everyone to feel a part of the convention, and to participate and support our club even if you’re not able to attend the convention in person. However, many attendees take advantage of the opportunity to express what SWC means to them, to share a memory, or to pay tribute to or honor friends who are missed. Some of our significant others even get involved. The SWC LOVE Page helps fund the cost of printing our Convention Program Book. Since our 2023 convention is our first in Canada and our expenses are in Canadian dollars, all donations are received in Canadian dollars. You can submit a “LOVE” message—up to 25 words (your signature is included in the count)—for just $25.00 CAD (about $20 US). Scroll down and check out the sample page below to see what you’re getting for your contribution. Sometimes less is more, and that’s the case with "LOVE" messages. The fewer words used, the bigger the font! Have fun, be creative, and send us some LOVE!
Your submission and payment of $25.00 should be received by May 15, 2023 in order for your LOVE message to appear in the 2023 SayWhatClub Convention Program Book.
・Type your "LOVE" message below; up to 25 words (includes signature)

・Tell us how you want to sign your message (signature is optional)

・Include any special instructions