More on SayWhatClub: by Jan Christensen

More than 36 million people in America alone have a hearing loss, with an estimated 278 million worldwide according to a World Health Organization (WHO) survey in 2005, ranging from moderate to profound. Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in America, behind only arthritis and heart disease. A small group of people who were hearing impaired started an organization back in the early days of the internet on AOL called the SayWhatClub (SWC). As the club grew, they needed a way to get in touch with those not on AOL, and they made use of a listserv to add members.

The internet is the ideal way for those with a hearing loss to communicate. Here we never have to ask for repeats. The SayWhatClub welcomes newcomers and loves to answer their questions about hearingloss, as their own questions were answered when they first joined. But we also enjoy just “chatting” with each other about news events, personal events, and anything that comes to mind because it’s so difficult for us to do that in “real life” anymore. Everyone understands why we’re here, and what we go through daily as people with a hearing loss.

The internet has opened a whole new experience for many of the isolated hard of hearing in the world. The SWC has members from Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, Canada, India, several other countries, and of course, the U.S.

By using the internet to both reach out to and help people with a hearing loss, the SayWhatClub hopes to grow and continue to help folks in an immediate way, and in a way that is ideal for people who have trouble communicating via being able to hear. We hope anyone with the slightest interest will try us out. You have a lot to gain, and nothing to lose.

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