New Year, new hopes, new promises, what’s next?

Another year of people making resolutions that will probably be broken sometime within a month or even by next week. Most people vow to lose weight, be a kinder person, spend less money or find the love of their life.  New Year resolutions always amuse me.  It’s as if we expect something magical to happen without our being accountable.

Surprisingly, my resolutions for this year appear simple but it’s so complex.  Making sure that school age children with hearing loss have access to hearing aids, free hearing aids.  Outside of all the resolutions I have made in my lifetime (and there were many), the one I kept from the past, was the one I made in December 2006. 

 It was made back in December of 2006 and when I wrote my first Editorial for SWC Online Voices concerning resolutions titled “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve……” I have actually accomplished those resolutions in the past 4 years. You can see the article on the link provided

My point being, resolutions don’t have to be about your love life, your losing weight or being frugal.  It can be about others.  Volunteering to help others and making the world a better place for those others. Not only for those who have hearing loss, deafness or are late deafened. I’m sure you can look around and find an elderly person who is isolated during a snow storm and offer them a home cooked meal.  You see someone crossing the street who is walking at a turtles pace due to their age, cars honking around them, you can go over and help them to manuver the cross safely.

You see a child lost in the store, a young girl on the street holding a sign saying “I have no job, no home and no food.”  These are simple daily offerings of help. And then there’s Educating hearing people to be more sensitive to us.  If we don’t do it, who will?

Don’t think about it, just look around you……and do it!

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  1. I gave up making New Year’s resolutions long ago, at least the ones that are selfish and a tad vain–getting thinner, etc… they never worked anyway. I do like the thought of a new start, a fresh perspective, so the New Year is a time of thinking about my hopes and dreams for what comes next, but you are right, Pearl, life isn’t all about our love life, the size at which we make our journey, and the money we may or may not have. In fact, if we focus on those things first we tend to not find much happiness. Many people fail to realize that having a broader focus–how we can make a positive difference in the world and in other people’s lives–is what will spill over into the more superficial areas of our life. What we do for others comes back to us, fill us up, makes us who we want to be.

    I applaud you for your spirit of giving to others by volunteering and simple daily offerings. When you reach out with help and kindness for another, then you are loving yourself, as it’s been my experience… I get way more than I give when I do it unselfishly!!


  2. Loved this post Pearl! Especially about educating hearing people. I think this is why I blog and why I merged my facebook friends with my deaf friends on FB instead of being so private about it all in the SWC webpages. It’s important for hearing people to realize that hearing loss is not sad or pathetic. It’s a challenge, and there are answers. If we speak up about it everyone fares better. Like you and Michele I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions per se. I continue to work on goals that I started a while back. Oddly enough, not a one of them revolves around hearing loss this year, which is why my blog has been so dead.

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