A child who cannot hear..

Susan Hayes
Copyright 2001

You often pity me,
I can see it in your eyes
you wonder just how much
I can really hear and
I can see that as well
you can be sad
and you know I can tell that too
I see your frustations
knowing mine are far greater

I cannot give you the answers
to your everyday questions about me
nor responses as to my well being
I cannot share my needs or comments
about the world around me
I cannot give you understanding
as you already know it but
I can give the opportunities that
are there to be discovered

In the depth of your character not mine
you love your committment and your patience as well
I can drive you farther than
you can imagine
to go on your own to find out
why you had this deaf child

You have to work harder
to seek your your own answers
to your own questions.

I am that deaf child


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