How I have changed

Nancy Perron
Copyright December 2002

Since I came "on board" the SWC listing around 4 years ago, not only have I been educated immensely by the members on the lists in hearing loss and other issues, but I now have a CI as well. My life has been changed enormously since that miraculous surgery.

Little did I realize what this new surgically inserted technology would do for me.

I went from ok speech to really good speech.

I went from hearing mumble jumble speech recognition to clear, precise and understandable English spoken by others.

I understand foreign people much, much better.

I went from speechreading all the time with hearing aids, to speechreading some of the time, and understanding what is said when not looking at a person.

I hear much better even with noise in the background.

I went from TTY to regular phone usage with a CI adapter. Again, clear, precise phone conversations, even with strangers whom I have never heard on the phone before. This has to be one of the greatest miracles of my life.

I can hear conversations in the darkness of the car when driving.

I can hear music better.

I can hear birds much better.

I hear computer keys clacking, car blinkers blink, mircrowave ovens buzz, coins dropping, leaves crunching......

I hear like I never dreamed of hearing with hearing aids.

I am changed. I am confident. I am less stressed out. And I am a walking, living, breathing miracle.

I have the CI and I have changed forever.


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