ALDs and Such

6 questions to ask your audiologist

  1. Ask them how they deal with the conflict of interest in being audiologists AND selling hearing aids.
  2. Ask them how they can support a "restocking fee" law that allows them to take money from a customer even though the hearing aid is returned as unusable...  Does this not pay them for failure?
  3. Ask them why, when it is proven that the satisfactory rate difference between dispensing audiologists, certified Hearing Instrument Specilists and non-certified Hearing Instrument Specialists are negligble, that they feel they ought to be put in a higher hierarchy than the others, thus getting more money and recognition, etc.
  4. Ask them what the Aud degree has to do with programming hearing aids.
  5. Ask them their thoughts on why no one runs to the nearest audiologist to get their hearing loss amplified at the first sign of loss.
  6. Ask them their thoughts on the Congressional Study that shows why the government needs to get involved in the dispensing of hearing aids.


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