Two by Eddy

By Edeltraut L. Scheffler-Plath

A Neighbor

You came to my door
I do not know what for.
I wasn't even dressed,
Not- because I was depressed.
It was late at night,
I didn't turn on my light,
Opened the door a slit
For you to see a bit.
What you were saying - I could not hear;
I had made it clear:
That I heard no sound,
But I found
You couldn't have understood,
Otherwise you would
Have written down your thought
That brought
You to my door
On the fourth floor.
All I could do is - shake your hand,
And send
You smiling on your way.
What else could I say?
What did you come to see me for?
Why did you come to my door?
To say, "Hello?"
If that is so:
There is no other way to make me understand
Than to have at hand
A piece of paper - to write things down.
Otherwise - you might only get a frown!
Or an empty smile -
Once awhile!

Closing The Gap With Poetry

I have come a long way -
Never knew what to say;
My heart was full,
But my mind was dull.
The words wouldn't come out
To explain what it was all about
That bothered me
To make you see
My point of view.
I wished I knew
How to stop the tears from flowing,
Overcome the agony that was growing
Deep within my lonely being,
That held me captive,
Made me inactive.
It's poetry - that suddenly
Made me free -
Open up -
Close the gap
That was there before,
And now - is no more!


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