© 2002

by Elaine Procida

The power of love and special people;
The power of love, to make things right.
The power of love, it is the solution.
The power of love, it shines so bright.
There are some people, who radiate love.
This does not mean that, they are saints above.
They have their weakness, their frailties, too
They are only human, no different from you.
Those whom it seems that, have much to give,
Those that it seems should, forever to live.
I know such a person, in fact more than one.
Just whom, to be with, is a joy and much fun.
What makes them different? I love them so.
I want to hug them. They help me grow.
This world is much better, that they are here.
That I know them, is my joy to share.
The power of love, and special people;
The power of love knows only truth.
The power of love, when it engulfs us,
The power of love is like nothing else.

Elaine Procida, May 1, 2002, New Jersey

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