Joan Emerick
c 1999

This is a different recipe section this time.  You decide what you want to read and select a recipe to make.  Each of these holidays has special foods and it's hard to choose.  When reading about them, you can find links to interesting recipes to make.

These are just some of the holidays in this time of the year.  It would be a shame to focus on just one.  Experience them all! Here are some  sites to read about them, during this busy time of year.  I hope you enjoy them and have a chance to share these holidays among yourselves because this is the great thing about this group, learning about so many different things.



Winter Solstice

Boxing Day



Christmas shopping and entertaing

 Safety tips on buying toys

Some general information about holidays

Yummy, need a drink or perhaps some recipes?

Stressed? Overate? Now that you are a total mess about what to do and when you will be able to do all this, I found these measures to help with the holiday stress.

Holiday Survival


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