What the SWC means to me ...

Susan Hayes
c 1999
I want to tell you 9 reasons why I think of you as my friends ...
  1. When things are confused, I can discuss them with you until they make sense.
  2. When something good happens, you're the first persons I want to tell so I can share my happiness with you all.
  3. When I don't know what to do in a situation, I ask your opinions and can weigh them heavily with mine.
  4. When I am lonely, I like to call you, 'cause I never feel alone with you.
  5. When I want to have fun I want to be on the Internet with you 'cause we seem to have such great times together
  6. When I want to talk to someone I want to talk to you all'cause you seem to understand me.
  7. When I want the truth about something, you are honest with me.
  8. It is so essential to have you all in my life and you all are so very important to me..
  9. I want to just say thank you all so very much for being my friends and I couldn't have done it without you here at the SWC..
... and a special thanks to Bob, Arthur, Kate, Cathy and Sandy for making this possible for me here at the SWC..  thank you; hugs to you all.


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