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Voice of the Editor

Kate Johnston
Copyright 2002

No call for submissions was made for this issue of the SWC Online Voices, due to the amount of time the Editor has been putting together the program book for the 2002 SWC Convention in Virginia scheduled for later this summer. Many articles had already been submitted, and those were used. Remember, you too, can submit articles or ideas at anytime. E-mail me at newsletter@saywhatclub.com. I also welcome any offers of help.


Check out:

Malisa Janes writes, "What kind of bird are you?" Everyone is encouraged to read this article, and decide what kind of birds they are!

Larry Littleton and Peggy Pilot had an e-mail dialog which they agreed to have me publish in the newsletter, about the blessings of hearing loss.

Michael Macdonald writes about HOH country. We all live there!

Gladys Russell tells us about the unexpected benefits of wearing a badge.

Floyd Wesley Brosman talks about telecoils in public places.

Wia Kotzé's Quail Trail continues, with parts 7 and 8.

Carolyn Piper's book reviews continue, writing about a book she feels is one of the best on helping us learn how to deal with anger and forgiveness.

Neil Bauman writes about Large Vestibular Aqueduct System. What is it? You'll have to read "You were asking..." to find out...

Until next time ....

Editor, SWC Online Voices



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