SWC Seattle Convention

Workshops worth coming to Seattle for!

Would you like to see some self-defense demonstrations? Would you like to hear the best way of getting something out of self-defense classes, even though you have a hearing loss?

Do you need coping strategies for life? What if you could learn something about "Managing your Communication Environment for Success"?

Would you like to find out about various travel tips and techniques that can make your travel easier for a person with hearing loss?

If your answers are YES, YES, and YES (and even if you have a NO somewhere in there), come to the SWC Convention in Seattle this July!

Volunteers are working hard to make sure this convention is not only educational, but enjoyable. We'd love to meet more of our fellow SWCers!

Remember ... July 23 - 27, 2003 in Seattle!

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

Kate Johnston
Chair, SWC Convention, 2003