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Voice of the Editor

Bob Elkins

Copyright 2003

A series of questions arose in my mind following my appointment by the SWC BOD to serve as editor of SWC Online Voices. First I asked:

What is the purpose of SWC Online Voices? We already have chat rooms and e-mail lists,conventions and a bulletin board. What’s the purpose of publishing a newsletter? What purpose does it serve?

Much to my horror and disquietude, I find that although I understand perfectly the mission of the SWC, I am unable to pinpoint in what manner the SWC NL adds to fulfilling that mission in some way that the other components do not. In other words, is the SWC NL just more of the same?

The reason this taunting question comes to mind is because when I sought out SWCers to join the SWC NL staff, this long time member of the SWC, an individual that is active in another SWC committee replied, "SWC Newsletter?" What's that? I never heard of it.”

Her response floored me, naturally. I did not know what to make of it.

How could this SWCer be so involved in her work with the SWC, serving on another important SWC committee, not be aware of the SWC NL?

Does the SWC NL add an important component to the SWC? Or is it dispensable, so dispensable that few would notice of its dismissal?

Thus, my goal for the year beckons our newsletter staff and me. Our challenge is to demonstrate that the SWC NL plays such an important role in carrying out the SWC mission, that a clamor will rise for more, more, we need more issues published during the year, or when is the next issue arriving?

We have or work cut out for us. For although we realize fully that the SWCers involved in publishing the NL are carrying out a superb job, we need to demonstrate our uniqueness, our special contribution to the lives of the members of the SayWhatClub. That is the challenge before us. And we shall seize it fully.

And who are these SWCers that I speak of, who are those that have made the commitment to publish the SWC newsletter?

Let me introduce them here and now:

SWC Newsletter Staff

Ann Stalnaker

Barbara Bavido

Bob Elkins

Bob Kowitt

Carolyn Piper

Diane Bauman

Elaine Procida

Eve Bloom

Julie Miley

Karen Sadler

Leslie Brown

Mark Dessert

Martha Sabin

Neil Bauman

Sandi Enfield

Sarah Trefz

Shelia Hitchen

Scott Oberg

Susan Prestipino

Theresa Thrasher

Trudy Hoag

Bob eee

Editor, SWC Online Voices


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