Hearing Loss Antidotes:

The Say What Club.
Copyright© March, 2004

Initially not even a form of me existed. In a woman's system a tiny egg was fertilized by some man's sexual desire. Over a period of 9 months it developed into a human being in that woman's stomach. Pushed into this world with enormous force I was. This was the beginning of my earthly life. I had no choice, was not asked if I wanted to be created, just brought into this chaotic world! I had no say in what I wanted to inherit from my initiators, what part of the world I wanted to live in.

Yet, I am being held responsible for all my action! Blank was my mind when I arrived with a resenting cry. I was fed day in day out with all kind of information whether I like it or not. Then - the task was up to me to make sense of it all. How was that ever possible?  Divided is the whole world in 5 Continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia - I learned. Different rules apply to each, and everybody thinks their rules are correct. Oh! How controversial those rules are, which cause horrible, heartbreaking wars!

I read a lot, and searched for answers. Still do. Some people are leaving their Homeland to find peace in a different Country. Instead of being thankful to have been accepted and given a chance for a better life, they create sections to be with their own kind of people, worshiping their inbred beliefs, growing in numbers and creating turmoil. -  I have searched to belong.

In America I was accepted by the "SayWhatClub", a marvelous group of people. I am thankful, because in Canada we do not have such a far reaching club. I have Meniere's disease, starting in 1956, in 1999 I lost my hearing completely. There are several sections within this club, dealing with different topics. Since I live alone, and am kind of isolated - the "Say What Club" has been my lifeline for about 6 years! People from different Countries have joined, and gotten along very well. Since we are all only human - naturally differences occurred. My only hope is - that separate cells do not spring up, working against each other, causing a break-down. - Heaven forbid!

Edeltraut. L. Scheffler, (Eddy) in Canada.