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Editor-in-Chief: Barbara Bavido

HTML Editor: Cathy Hilden, Julie Miley

Proofreaders: Mark Dessert, Cathy Hilden, Kate Johnston, Eve Neuhaus, Theresa Thasher

Contributing Columnists: Neil Bauman
Curtis Dickinson, Carolyn Piper

SWC Board of Directors

Bob Elkins - President
Arthur Veen - Vice-President
Alan Sprague - Secretary
Cathy Hilden - Treasurer
Peggy Badman
Susan Dohne
Emily (Jazzy) Winger

 Hospitality Committee
 Outreach Committee
Dorothy Black
Peggy Badman
Marti Castor
Marty Castor  - Chair
Robyn Carter
Susan Dohne
Sherry Davis
Bill Derry
Suzanne Jeffery - Chair
Cathy Gibson
Mark Dessert
Bob Elkins
Pearl Feder
Carolina Hanlan
Debbie Gilmer
Julie Miley
Jo Gunnerson
Eve Neuhaus
Wia Kotzé
Debbie Jones
Jaana Linna - Co-chair
Laura Freeman
Martha Mattox-Baker
Dale Oftebro
Donna Penman
Gladys Russell, Co-Chair
Mary Seymour
Sue Smith
Ann Stalnaker - Chair
Linda Stock
Dawn Ward
Anita Tourigny
Sara Trefz
Kim Ward
Maurice Wilson


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