New beginnings

Karen Kirk

Copyright 2005

Have you ever been lost? One minute, you’re heading somewhere. Then a sense that something is wrong creeps in. You become hyper-aware of your surroundings as you begin a process of finding your way. That ultra-alertness marks the moment of a new beginning.

Do you remember your first experiences with a hearing aid? It was probably about as pleasant as having to find your way after having become lost. Whether you are of the personality to ask for directions or just tough it out until you’re no longer lost, it’s stressful. The same holds true for making that adjustment to hearing aids. That first pair of hearing aids marks the beginning of taking control of hearing loss.

Do you know that you have been found? Other members of the SWC were looking for someone just like you to participate in this online community. By joining the club, you allowed yourself to be found. Now that we’ve found each other, let us take advantage of this new beginning to create powerful relationships.


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