Sights to See

Dorene (Bean) Bieniek [Editor-at-Large]

c 1999
SWC Members often share interesting websites theyve discovered.  I collect them all to share with you in each newsletter (I also throw in a few of my own). So, read on.... explore....and watch your "Favorites" grow!

The Hearing Aid Batterymart
Youll receive 1 Free package of hearing aid batteries for sending your Name, Address, Model of Hearing Aid and Battery Size and theyll send you a coupon for free batteries.

The Listen Up Web Page
Heres a web site with information, answers, help, ideas, resources, and anything else related to hearing-impairment.

ASL E-Cards
Send a Special ASL E-Card to Someone Special. FREE.

2LVCO enables a hearing-impaired person to use existing telephone and relay technology to actively engage in spontaneous, two-way voice conversation with a hearing party.

HOHandLDunited is a list set up for hard of hearing and late deafened individuals who are joining in the Million HOH/LD Person March on Washington, May 2002.  We seek a commitment by all of society, including businesses, entertainment, and academic institutions to support our need for inclusion in the hearing world.........

Now heres some links just for fun!
For those of you interested in Astrology...and even if youre not, this free personal profile is fun to read!!

KODAK Picture Playground Online
Have all kinds of fun with your scanned pictures. Turn people into animals, drawings, a garden of flowers, and even cartoons!

For all you poets out there, who get stuck in need of a word that rhymes, this is for you!

This site offers comprehensive tours from all over the world. They are currently featuring tours of Malaysia, Moscow, Iceland and the Bahamas.

Thats it for now. I hope youve enjoyed these links, and Id love to check out your favorites to share in the next SWC Online Voices. Please email your favorites to me at and include "Sights to See" in the subject line.

Until next time......stay healthy, safe, and most of all....unique.