'Editor-in-Chief: ''Kate Johnston'
'Technical Advisors: ''Alan Czarnek, Arthur Veen'
'Proofreaders: ''Robyn Carter, Cathy Hilden'

Contributing Editors

'At-Large Editor: Dorene (Bean) Bienek'

'Recipe Editor: Joan Emerick'

'Books Editor: Carolyn Piper'


SWC Board of Directors

'President: Bob Elkins'

'Vice-President: Alan Sprague'

'Secretary: Sandy Umluaf'

'Treasurer: Christine Seymour'

'Marianne Grabania'

'Trish Wilson'

'Jazzy (Emily Wingert)'


Hospitality Committee

'Asa Backlund'

'Robyn Carter'

'Curtis Dickinson'

'Bill Derry'

'Mark Dessert'

'Bob Elkins'

'Joan Emerick'

'Rick Farrow'

'Ed Grant'

'Cathy Hilden'

'Kate Johnston'

'Jane Schlau'

Arthur Veen


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