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Everett Chard
Copyright 2001

Ev meets Sue in Chicago


I speak of Sue, tyannosaurus (either horrodis or simply rex). Furnished with the aid of McDonalds (yes, Big Mac, Little Mac, Fish o Filet, dinosaur nuggets with mayo) and Field Museum of natural history in Chicago, they bought her bones. They are the most complete set of bones of any dinosaur. Right down to the wishbone. She has strong relations with the chicaken. The animal is considered the white shark of dinosaurs.

Friday while the CI workshop was on (I am deaf, with no chance to be implanted), I went to see Sue. The 95/Dan Ryan and Howard subway lines are about as clear as the dinosaur line (paleontologists can't figure out dinosaur sex yet - Sue is named for her founder). A police officer guided me to the right sidewalk to Field when I pioneered a new path across Roosevelt into a flower bed. I might have crushed a geraanium.

Inside Field I worked up to Sue by stumbling from dinosaur to dinosaur - I believe it was Triassic before jurassic and then cretaceous, which is where TR flourished and became extinct. I connect TR loosely to the USA.

The head is so massive it would not hang on the skeleton, so they have to duplicate it in plastic. The teeth are just as long. I personally would rather face the white shark.

But I grinned. Here was Sue and the school children running past smiling and laughing and more contained adults would crowd right up to the restraining bars and gape and Sue would hold posture ready to eat someone up.

She died, not too quietly, in the rumored meteorite impact that doomed the dinosaurs and liberated the mammals. Her gully was near enough to Faith, South Dakota.

Oh the paradox: the dinasaurs might be mammals.

I kept on grinning. Sue is dead. We get a glimpse. She is just a pleasant exhibit.

Cindy Heaston
Copyright 2001

I am going to change

Hi all! Yes, its a depressing time after a few days to realize that yet again so-called *Normal life* strikes again and sometimes it just feels so darn *eeeekkkkkkkkkk* because the stress levels go up and the loneliness kicks in,etc and then I get to feeling that perhaps I made up the whole experience and that the reality of life is going to consist of the following.......

Work at a job that I'm tired of and doesn't pay that well...

Feeling alone and depressed because everyone else is so far away and I'm by myself more or less....

Feeling like a miserable lump of angry flesh because I yet again resign myself to feeling tired, defeated, angry, etc., and not taking strides forward instead backwards...

I'm pretty sure that everyone gets the idea of what I'm trying to convey here..... sigh.......

So here's to keeping the *flame* alive through e-mail and actually doing something about the future instead of quietly resigning myself to what I want to change! All because I was lucky enough to met fellow individuals who all suffer one way or another but yet many and I do mean Many have the courage and Stamina to say, "Hey, I'm not going to take this any more!" I'm going to fight for my right to be treated with respect, dignity and joy of living just like any other red-blooded individual! I am just as smart as the average bear and I have no defects except broken ears and by George that's not going to stop me!

So this is what I'm going to keep in mind for the rest of the this year and up till the following get togethers where hopefully there will be change instead of just talk of *change*! :-)


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