SWC Con 2001 in Chicago - Page 6

Kate Johnston

Copyright 2001

Where do we go from here?

What are Cons made of? They're made of memories. New friends. Old friends. New experiences.

If you've read the previous five pages of this issue of the SWC Online Voices, you've seen the wide range of experiences and memories reported. From travels to and from the Con, to the new friends made to old friends meeting again to the workshops to free-time activities.

When I first started putting this issue together, I questioned whether, in light of the terrorist attacks upon the United States, I should publish the reports of the Chicago Con. I was encouraged to go ahead and publish them.

At a recent meeting of the Con Steering Committee, a SWC committee which acts in an advisory role towards those planning and putting on SWC Cons, the following statements were made:

Emily "Jazzy" Wingert:

"... in spite of what has happened, we are going ahead with our plans, because we all need that sense of unity and togetherness that only a con can provide ..."

"... life goes on and so will our convention ..."


Christine Seymour:

"... it is a postive thing to not allow these acts to take the pleasure out of our lives, or to keep us from meeting to provide that mutual support that is so necessary in healing from such castastrophic events. I think we can be an example of not letting the terrorist feed on our fears."

Life goes on. Our Cons will continue.



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