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Voice of the Editor

Kate Johnston

Copyright 2001

The month of September 2001 has been a difficult one for many of us. At least two SWCers watched the WTC towers collapse in person: One from her garden and the other from her office building. At least one SWCer has a birthday on September 11. Those of us in the US have appreciated the stories from abroad: the support, the minutes of silence, the summaries of the situation. Many SWCers have stories to tell us about that day, and some of them are in this issue of the SWC Online Voices.

What is it like going to an SWC convention? The adventure begins before the con even starts, but isn't over when everyone leaves! 70 people came to that convention, many of them attending their first-ever SWC convention. Read their stories here!

And finally, we have our usual "other" articles. Neil Bauman attempts to answer the question, "How much are you worth as a HOH person?" Maureen Humpel writes about her experience of becoming deaf overnight. Everett Chard attempted to catalog the various topics and threads on the SWC FORUM list during a two-week period. We also begin a series of articles, written by SWCer Wia Kotze, telling the story of her travels to the United States from South Africa.

As always, if you have something to write, or suggestions, send them to me. I have a new SWC e-mail address, newsletter@saywhatclub.com. If anyone would like to help putting together the SWC Online Voices, let's talk.

Editor, SWC Online Voices


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