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September 2009

The Editor Speaks
By Kim Ward

This month our focus is on deaf family life. Over the past couple years the blogosphere has given me a fascinating look into the everyday lives of parents raising children who are deaf. We all know that raising any child is challenging. In addition to routine parenting problems, these parents must navigate a bewildering forest of options with little to no support and become experts on all things deaf — often before their child’s first birthday. .

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Hearing Loss Articles

Interview with Val
By Kim Ward

Val and her husband had never met anyone with hearing loss prior to the birth of their son. . .

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Interview with Jodi Cutler del Torre
By Kim Ward

Jodi learned about the Cochlear Implant just by chance when she met a doctor while playing with her kids on a beach. The implant changed her son's life. . .

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Interview with Karen Putz
By Kim Ward

Karen and her husband are both deaf, but they longed for support and camaraderie with other parents of deaf children. . .

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An open letter to my "HEARING" friends
By Shanna Groves

Dear Friend,

I want to discuss an important difference we have—something that can impact our entire communication from this point forward.

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Poetry Corner

What would you do
By Dee-Ann Mercer

What would you do if your world fell silent? try to be brave?
take on the new?
only to be filled with disappointment?

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Book review

The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918
Reviewed by Dorothy Black

On entering my local library, and without a possible subject in mind, I immediately noticed a display shelf of books all about one subject — flu. Given the recent concerns about that sometimes dangerous illness, and my curiosity about it, I searched no further for a new book to read and report on and chose one from the display — Flu.

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Access News

Deaf411 releases "Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S. report

NEW YORK CITY (Deaf411) – 17 August, 2009 – Deaf411, a deaf marketing and public relations company, has released the final report and results of a year-long survey on which cities are considered “deaf friendly.” The final report, which lists 20 U.S. cities, was released today and is now available for public viewing.

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The Audiologist's Booth

By Olga Lish

I have been activated 6 months. I have to turn down both S and V on my everyday program in order to tolerate environmental sounds, especially sounds of lawnmowers and even vehicles passing by. Sometimes it sounds as if they are in my house. I informed my mapper audiologist of this but she does not seem willing to try to do a map whereby I would be more comfortable.

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Thank you to all who help with their time ...

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