SayWhatClub Online Voices September 2015

How did Emily become Jazzy?

Kate Johnston
Copyright 2015

Black and white picture of Jazzy, by Robyn Carter
[Photo credit: Robyn Carter]

I think Jazzy and I joined the SayWhatClub in the same year, 1996. In those days, the hospitality committee consisted of one person, SWC co-founder Bob Elkins. The story I remember hearing is that when she sent her in her application to join the club, she didn't specify her name or what she wanted to be called. Bob E looked at her email address, which was jazzeeone@ and called her Jazzy when introducing her to the club. Jazzy loved it, and that was her name from then on.

Why Jazzeeone? In 1988, Emily Wingert opened a jazz club in New Jersey called "Trumpets." She had to close it 8 years later after losing her hearing. The club was purchased by new owners and remains a well-known jazz venue today.

Trumpet's Facebook page states:

Trumpets was a labor of love by its original owner, Emily Wingert. She created the club in 1988 and kept it open for almost a decade, closing in 1996. Enrico & Kristine bought the club in 1999 and have tried to maintain the high standards established by the original owner, bringing you the best in Jazz, World Music, the Blues, and occasionally, Classical Music.

And that is how Emily became Jazzy.


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