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Guidelines and Disclaimer

Guidelines and Disclaimer

All comments are welcomed. Please comment away….We only ask that comments be kept on or near topic, and we reserve the right to refuse to post any comments that are offensive in any way. We also reserve the right to refuse any posts or comments we feel are misleading or not in the best interest of our readership.


The information, content and/or data contained in this blog are for informational and enjoyment purposes only. The posts are not intended to make you feel bad, and/or angry. If you disagree with a post or comment, feel free to respond but with respect for all parties involved. All opinions expressed within this weblog are those of the posters and not necessarily of The SayWhatClub. The SayWhatClub is a separate entity that is providing this weblog as a service to our members and the public.

2 thoughts on “Guidelines and Disclaimer”

  1. I am interested in getting support from partners of people who are hard of hearing. My partner and I are experiencing a lot of difficulty in communicating. I feel very isolated with no support from other partners. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to team up with other hearing partners who are experiencing changes in their family system due to hearing loss.

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