We love our conventions!

We all had a wonderful time at the 2018 SayWhatClub Convention in Saint Paul, Minnesota and look forward to doing it again this year in Sacramento, California on July 31-August 3, 2019! Registration is open. Don’t miss out on the fun.  Click here to go to register.

Suggestions for future conventions?

If you have a suggestion for a future convention, please let the Convention Steering Committee (CSC) know. We are currently looking for proposals for the August 2020 convention site in the eastern region of the U.S., and the August 2021 convention site in the central region of the U.S. All proposals should contain the following:

  • Name of location
  • Why it would make a good convention site
  • Transportation overview such as airports and ways to get around town
  • Possible hotel suggestions
  • Things to do
  • Local SWC members and willingness to be a local chair

Proposals can be sent to the CSC Chair.


SWC 2018 Convention PARTNERS

Thank you, Sponsors, Vendors, and Providers, for your generous contributions and donations, and for helping to make the 2018 SayWhatClub Convention a time of learning, inclusion and communication with friends. SWC cons are empowering and we’re glad you were a part of our 2018 convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. A special “thank you” to Jeff Coppola & Rick Simeonoglou of the The Okonite Company for printing our program book.

SWC Convention History

Back in the mid-1990’s founding members of the SayWhatClub met online and saw the benefit of connecting with others with hearing loss.  It didn’t take long to get to know one another and to talk about meeting in person.  Thus, our annual SayWhatClub conventions were born.

Those first few years were more informal1997 in Monterey, California, and a camp-out in Colorado in 1998but the gatherings in years following became more organized and “official”.  Below is a reverse chronological list of where we have gathered over the years.

  • 2019 Sacramento, California (July 31 – August 3, 2019)
  • 2018 Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • 2017 Savannah, Georgia – Program Book
  • 2016 Boise, Idaho – Program Book
  • 2015 San Antonio, Texas
  • 2014 Madison, Wisconsin
  • 2013 Williamsburg, Virginia
  • 2012: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 2011: Baltimore, Maryland
  • 2010: Denver, Colorado
  • 2008 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 2007 Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2006 St. Louis, Missouri
  • 2005 Clearwater Beach, Florida
  • 2004 Bloomington, Minnesota
  • 2003 Seattle, Washington
  • 2002 Alexandria, Virginia
  • 2002 Amsterdam, The Netherlands*
  • 2001 Chicago, Illinois
  • 2000 San Diego, California
  • 1999 Cape May, New Jersey

*SayWhatClub’s first International get-together!


SWCers love to take pictures at the conventions! Take a look!