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Sponsoring the SayWhatClub

Make a Sound Difference: Sponsorship Opportunities for Change


SayWhatClub (SWC) is a non-profit internet based organization for people with hearing loss or interested in hearing loss issues.

Your generous support helps support SWC and its activities, so that we may offer peer to peer support, encouragement and information to others with hearing loss.

The SayWhatClub (SWC) is a longstanding online peer support group that reaches several thousand late-deafened, hard of hearing and deaf adults through our official website and blog, Facebook groups, email lists and in-person convention.

We have two Facebook groups with over 1,800 members, five email lists with several hundred subscribers and a public Facebook page with over 2,400 followers. Once a year we organize a convention with workshops that gives our subscribers an opportunity to meet each other in person, and to acquire information and coping skills that will help them deal with the daily challenges of hearing loss.

The SayWhatClub is run by volunteers. We rely completely on donations to run our social media channels, mailing lists and website.

To learn more about ways you can sponsor SWC, go to our 2024 Springfield Convention page or contact our Sponsorship Committee at We are happy to discuss event sponsorship, ads in our program books, placing your link and logo on our website, and other ways of acknowledging your sponsorship.

Thanks to Our Sponsors