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SayWhatClub: Our Mission Statement


Building Together to Empower the Hearing Loss Community

(As it officially appears in our Club Handbook.)

SayWhatClub is dedicated to enhancing interpersonal communication for people who are hard of hearing, deafened, or have a serious interest in hearing loss, with goals of:

  1. Educating SWC participants and the public about all aspects of hearing loss;
  2. Providing for mutual sharing of coping and “life” skills;
  3. Reducing feelings of isolation, frustration and despair;
  4. Enhancing feelings of self-concept and optimism.

The primary medium for our mission is the Internet, which provides the opportunity for contacts over a wide geographic area; access 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and dissemination of information both to SWC participants and to the general public.

In addition, SayWhatClub encourages face to face contact among its participants through informal local gatherings, and annual conventions designed both to provide social contact and educational workshops dealing with hearing loss issues.

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