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SayWhatClub History

International Online Support for People with Hearing Loss

The SayWhatClub is an international online support group for the one in five people worldwide that have hearing loss or tinnitus.
Our blog offers information for people in varying stages of losing their hearing. All of our writers are hard of hearing or deaf.

Our History and Mission

The SayWhatClub organized and incorporated during the mid 1990’s, and serves a worldwide subscribership. 

The SayWhatClub is a lifeline to those struggling with hearing loss. Our mission is to increase hearing loss awareness through public education, as well as to share coping skills through online peer-to-peer support.

Our bloggers offer stories and insights about their daily lives with hearing loss. We understand the challenges of hearing loss. Sharing our experiences through blogging helps us to find solutions, and to develop different perspectives on hearing loss. Here we find a whole family of people ‘just like us’ who share the feelings of isolation, the heartaches and, strangely, the joys of living with hearing loss. The SayWhatClub offers international online support for people with hearing loss, as well as face to face time at our conventions. Here are two happy SWC'ers having fun at our annual convention.Our subscribers are young and old, and they run the gamut from ‘mild’ to ‘profound’ hearing loss, and every level in between. Also, we welcome spouses, partners and friends who love us, and wish to have a better understanding of our challenges.

We are the only online forum that offers international online support for people with hearing loss. Our readers and writers come from far and wide.

Please feel free to visit our website and consider joining us. We’d be honored to welcome you to our far-flung but closeknit family. We are also now on Facebook and Twitter.

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