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“I encourage the young adults here to apply for the [convention] scholarships that SWC offers. I was able to meet some of the funniest, kindest people ever. For the first time, I felt as if I belonged, not because I was around a bunch of disabled people, instead because the people I was around were… Read More »Damir


“The SWC accepts each of us as we are. I joined as a hearing spouse of a Deaf man. I stayed because I found lifelong friendships in spite of my hearing.”


“The SayWhatClub helps us all to communicate better!”

Mary Lou

“You all have touched my heart.”


“Friends who get me.”


“Whole lot of love, exploring new areas with old and new friends, laughter and acceptance.”

Cynthia G

“I joined the SWC to learn about hearing aids and found a new family of friends that keeps growing and growing.”


“The SayWhatClub conventions are so special to me. We cross all boundaries, have a chance to meet old and new friends, have communication access for all. Each one adds a lifetime of memories.”


“Acceptance, friendship, love and lots of laughter with each other but never at each other.. Fun!!!”

Gina D

“The SayWhatClub is truly my second family. Whether we talk online or meet at an annual convention, I feel at home and yes, loved. There’s nothing else like it.”

Jan C

“SWC is a place to socialise, discuss and have fun without all the difficulties in the offline world.”


“SayWhatClub is an important social group of folks who truly understand how having a hearing loss affects my life.”


“The SayWhatClub is a fun-loving supportive group of my peers!”

Diana P-F

“SWC has changed my life!!”

Robyn C.

“The SWC means connecting with friends who understand how to communicate with hearing loss. A great social group.”


“SayWhatClub – I might be the ‘newbie’ but everyone made me feel like I’ve always been part of them, their hearing journey, this group. “


“I joined SWC after five years of struggling with hearing loss. It opened my eyes (and ears) to so many possibilities! The members were so warm and welcoming and helped me feel not so alone. I love my SWC family.”

Pat K.

“The SayWhatClub is my family of choice. I can truly feel relaxed and myself with my SWC family. I wouldn’t be where I am today with my hearing loss if it wasn’t for SWC.”

Brenda C.

(S)uch (W)onderful (C)ompanions. I Love You.


“I grew up as profound loss – bilateral and dealt with it. Had very little sympathy for people who were hard-of-hearing. SWC opened my eyes to the difference between losing something and never having it. Now I try to be an advocate and help HOH people.”

Jim M.

The SayWhatClub means friendship and support. Hearing loss brings us together. Friendship keeps us together.

Lorne S.

“I attended my first ever SWC convention in Boise last summer. Paid and professional catering staff and event planners could not have done any more or any better than the amazing SWC committee that put the convention, activities and program handbook in place. I left Boise with a sense of relief that I had met… Read More »Jeannene G

Jeannene G

“I joined the SayWhatClub in 1997. I stood at the elevator at my ENT’s office, crying, having just learned that my hearing had taken yet another huge drop. The nurse came out; she asked if I was ok. I said no, but, I WILL be. And, I am. I came home, got online and began… Read More »Linda B.

Linda B.

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