For the past two weeks, I’ve been slowly headed toward a new planet I never encountered but heard a great deal about.  The Planet Vertigo. The day it started was just a regular day when suddenly, I felt dizzy and unbalanced. My tinnitus was roaring, my ears popping.  The world appeared to be leaning like the tower of Pisa.

I thought to myself, I’m working too hard, I’m way too stressed, I just need a rest.  Outside of the fact that I had just returned from vacation, how much rest does one need?  In anycase, I did not rush to panic but rather waited a few days.  And as my world began to lean more to the left, my vision of everything in front of me appeared to move while my head stood still.

As the days came and went, my head went from positional vertigo to just feeling spin offs while sitting perfectly straight. I started to feel like the balls in a bingo machine being rotated.  B4, I15, O54.   Being hearing impaired and working in the field of deafness and hearing impairements, I know all too well that there are several planets I could be headed for. However, I’m still hoping that I’m just over stressed and that everyone I’m looking at is unbalanced and I’m fine.

I try not to panick because panic just clouds our ability to control and be in charge. So, here I wait for my Neuro-Otology appointment, which by the way, would have been a three month wait had I decided to go with the Dr. who takes my insurance.  My choices were wait or see another Dr. and pay up front only seeing maybe 1/8 of what I pay in.  But at this point, I want to know what it is I am dealing with. I feel as though I’m at a black jack table and not knowing what the next card is.

Is it Menieres? Vertigo? or worse scenario, a tumor?  Would I rather have menieres?  What type of choices are these?  In anycase, I will try to keep my sense of humour in all of this because without it, I’ll certainly go into panic mode and land up on Planet Mental, probably taking meds that would make my symptoms even worse.

To be continued.

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  1. I truly hope it is not Menieres. I hope you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I can think of few things as difficult to deal with as Menieres. Having said that, I know you have access to the best and brightest doctors there where you live, and if anyone can help you, they will!

  2. I have so they say atypical Menieres in that I did not have vertigo until a couple of days ago when my world became unsteady. It was bad enough that my ears roared most day but now my world has become unsteady also. Good luck, waiting to read an update.

  3. Barbara, consider joining the SayWhatClub. We have a special support group for people with menieres. They truly understand menieres and vertigo issues.

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