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Complaint Guidlines

Guidelines For Dealing With Questionable Emails To The Lists

The SWC lists need to be maintained as safe places for all.

List reps work to defuse situations caused by questionable posts.  They maintain order by warning the violating our Service Terms Agreement is not permitted.

Anyone in the club, including BOD and committee members, may initiate a complaint to the BOD upon seeing a questionable post.

If a poster is causing a disruptions to a list, they poster may be set to no mail for that list for a 48-hour cooling down period while a BOD complaint is initiated. The liaison or BOD member who imposes the cooling down period will notify the poster immediately.

The BOD reviews all complaints, questionable email(s) and notifies the complainant when a review is initiated and again when it is concluded. The BOD usually resolves complaints and notifies the affected parties within 48 hours.

After one inappropriate posting on a list, as deemed inappropriate by the BOD after seeing the actual posting, the poster is set to no mail for a 48 hour cool down.  Additionally, the poster receives a note from the BOD mentioning the specific STA violated.

The complaint guidelines will be shared with the poster so the poster is aware of potential future actions that will be taken should the inappropriate postings persist.

After a second inappropriate posting, the poster will be set to no mail for one week.

At the third inappropriate posting, the poster will be removed from the SWC.

This three step procedure is used at the discretion of the board of directors. SWC may terminate a subscriber’s membership at any time.