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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set myself to mail/nomail/digest?

Go to the List Commands and Settings page here.

Why am I not getting any mail?

There can be several reasons for that. If the SWC mail is the only mail you are not receiving, then you may have been set to nomail. To check this, send a query command to the listserv. For information on how to do this, see the List Settings and List Commands page.  Alternatively, you may ask your List Rep for help in this matter, or contact HC at

How do I get to our Facebook page?

Go to SWC Friends With Hearing Loss

Is there an SWC Newsletter?

We no longer publish an newsletter, but we have many articles in our blog that you might find interesting.

How do I get to the blog?

There is a tab on our home page, or you can visit the blog here.

How do I make links in my e-mail?

You have to write out the whole URL, starting with http:// For example: When someone receives this, it will show up as a link.