Technology at its best

I can’t imagine technology getting any better other than giving us new ears to hear with.  Most recently I discovered that Sprint has something called web tel.  What a creation, what an advantage this will give us, but most of all, it will help improve many of the lives of people with hearing loss who are capable of speaking but not hearing everything over the telephone. 

I love to talk on the telephone but unfortunately, my speech discrimination is not what it was.  Out of the woods comes Sprint with the concept of allowing us to read word for word what the other party is saying to us.  This is the next best invention to the wheel.   I made several calls to test it out. There are no relay people in the middle between the two speakers.  It works purely on computer voice recognition to type everything in real time. 

I am so excited about this and the possibilities of using it at work to hear what my clients are saying more clearly.   Check it out for yourself at

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  1. Sweet, I love that the technology is getting better each day. I can’t wait to get this piece of technology. I would probably be one of the first customers.

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