An observation during my recent travels…

Pick up any in-flight magazine, thumb through the pages, and you will find endless “Best” lists.  These lists mostly, but not always, are dedicated to highlighting the best restaurants–Seafood, Italian, American Steakhouses, and more specifically–the best Sushi and USDA Prime Steakhouses–in a given city.  However, you can also find the “Top Ten Factory Tours” and “The Best Doctors in New York”!!  Cool!!

The latter is good to know in case I find myself in New York in need of plastic surgery, hand surgery, a cardiologist, hair transplantation, spine surgery, a sports medicine specialist, a cosmetic dermatologist, or a cosmetic dentist; in that respective order.

I do find it a tad superficial that plastic surgery is at the top of the list of “The Best Doctors in New York”, not to say a plastic surgeon’s work is not vital, but beyond those disfigured by birth defects, as the result of car accidents, and in fires, etc., the rest, in my opinion–your boob and nose jobs, face lifts, tummy tucks, and lip or other enhancements–are performed in an attempt to reverse or halt the effects of gravity and aging, and in the sake of vanity.  All of which any consenting adult is more than welcome to elect. No judgment here.

If being first on “The Best Doctors in New York” list was not enough, I can even find a list of “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America”!!! This information will come in handy if, during my travels, I have the need for plastic surgery while in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Miami, Denver, or Charlotte, North Carolina. Hmmmm, the top plastic surgeon from New York (that made the previous list) is not among them??? How good can he be???

Yes, I’m being a smartass!!  Why??  Because, I consider finding the best audiologist and/or cochlear implant surgeon much more important than who can perform my next face lift, boob job, tummy tuck, hair transplant, facial peel, or teeth whitening!! (I heard that collective gasp from all of those readers with blinding, white smiles, perky C-cups, and faces stretched so tight you could bounce a dime off of them.)

Well, just give it a few years and we may see “The Best Audiologists” or “The Top Ten Cochlear Implant Surgeons” as we thumb through our in-flight magazines. Our numbers, those of us who are Deaf/deaf/Hard of Hearing, are ever increasing. A fact that holds no consolation, and I find no pleasure in.


  1. I could tell you who ISN’T the best audiologist in Seattle. How about that? lol I have a pretty good idea who the best implant docs are.

  2. I get the biggest kick out the “The Best Doctors in _____” (Dallas, in my case) magazines. As well as the “best” anything… it’s all advertising! In D magazine, on the page preceding the best doctors, it says, in tiny white letters “Paid Advertisements” Ha! Guess they’re not the best after all 🙂

  3. Kim,

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been to an audiologist that I would recommend for the “Best” list. That’s a lot of years (over 40) and a lot of audiologists!

  4. PinkLAM,

    I do know that these lists are simply adverstisements and hold no weight as to the capability of a doctor, quality of a restaurant, etc. My writing was to make the point of how silly they are, but also to point out that what is important to one is unimportant to another. I guess to care about hearing health we have to have a reason and when that reason is not visible to most people, they can’t see the volume of our struggle? You can see a physical disability, you can see that someone is blind, you can see that someone is aging physically, or that their parts are giving into the gravitational pull. I guess my point was more toward feeling that those of us who can’t hear aren’t taken as seriously as say… those who elect plastic surgery. It was a simple observation on the absurd as I see it, and believe me, if some day there is a “Best” list of audiologists or cochlear implant surgeons I know enough to question the validity of an adverstisement. LOL

  5. I thik I am going to need an inplant, so could you recommend a few good doctors. I am seeing one in Virginia Mason and I have also gone to another one inUW.
    I would really appreciate your comments.
    Thank you,
    Blanqui Reber

  6. blanqui roeber,

    Unfortunately I’m not very knowledgable on how to find a good implant doctor, and don’t know of a “Best” list that I know of. Your current doctor or audiologist should be able to refer you to an implant clinic.

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