The Hearing Aid Tax Credit being proposed……Stinks

Senators Olympia Snowe and Tom Harkins have introduced S.905.   This piece of legislation provides a tax credit of up to $500 per hearing aid, every 5 years. There are 6 other Senators who are the original co-sponsors of this piece of legislation.

Personally, I find it insulting. A tax credit of $500? When was the last time any of these Senators purchased a hearing aid? Do they have any idea of the cost? Shame on the  U.S. Senators for not bringing forth a better piece of legislation that affects 36 million Americans.

If you believe that we should get a better piece of legislation than  S. 905, than write your State Senators NOW.

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  1. I have a feeling that if a higher amount was proposed, the bill would never be passed. Nobody wants to pass a bill that will cost our taxpayers even more money in this economy. Perhaps this is a great starter bill that will pave the way for bigger and better ones down the road.

  2. If that bill stinks 🙂 maybe you want to have a look at Greece coverage 🙂 it’s around 293 $ , even less than you got:)

    Even that , it’s a great stepping stone as Rox said , but that doesn’t mean you have to stop here.have some patience though because everywhere it’s rough right now 🙂

  3. I would rather see the insurance companies pick up the tab and cover the full cost of hearing aids. If you were deaf and eligible for a Cochlear Implant, you would get that implant fully covered but hearing aids pfff, nada. 36 million Americans have hearing loss. Think about it

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  5. Maybe I am stupid for asking, thou, I just signed up to join this yesterday. Glad to be here and to learn what going on. I was born hard of hearing. One time, I didn’t wear hearing aid for number of years. I don’t quite understand why they introduced hearing aid tax credit bill. Nor that I am political type of person to understand this. Anyone care to explain?

  6. If they introduced a higher tax credit, the Senate won’t pass it. I’m sure alot of this has to do with attempting to satisfy us and not involve the big insurance companies which is POLITICAL

  7. Insuance companies will payout, or help, with glasses, artificial limbs, heart valves, etc., but, when it comes to hearing aids – a medical device – the vast majority of insurance companies do NOT pay. Hearing aids can last anywhere from 5-7 years before replacing them, thus, the yearly cost isn’t out of line w/other devices insurance covers or helps with.

    Eye glasses, can easily be $400-$500 frame and prescription. Rx reading glasses, w/no other corrections, can run $300! When insurance helps cover the cost the usual guideline is that I can replace my glasses every 3 years or so.

    If insurance would help with hearing aids replacement of lets say 4-5 years, the cost wouldn’t be that much different than glasses. So why is the Senate so political about hearing aids? I personally don’t feel there should be a tax credit. The $500 tax credit is a slap in the face to the hearing impaired and deaf communities.

    As I previously stated, 36 million Americans are hearing impaired. Half of that number is under the senior citizen age.

  8. I am enjoying the comments! I am thinking the Insurance companies will eventually payout or help.  I came across an awesome infographic that shows the 5 Step Social Security Evaluation that might be interesting for some fellow readers – Hope this helps!

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