The Holiday Blues for the Individuals with hearing loss

With the holidays having passed for some of us, and with the holidays coming up for others, what do you dread the most that affects your hearing ability?

Here’s a list of things I’ve observed, whether in myself or others:

-being at a party with lots of noise and music and unable to hear a one on one conversation

-seeing another hearing impaired person sitting alone in a corner with a drink in their hand, avoiding people.

-recognizing when one yesses you to death

-asking for repeats/rephrasing but still not getting it because the noise is so loud

-afraid to start a conversation with someone

-being a comedian and using disabilities as your main joke lines

-listening to someone tell a Helen Keller joke knowing u are hearing impaired and wanting to spill your drink on them.

Have anything else to add? or do you have anything you do to make it easier for yourself during the holidays?  Let us know what you do.

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  1. This post hits home with me. I have had these experiences with temporary hearing loss (ie: hearing loss that occurred for over 3 months). It was such a frustrating and isolating experience. The hardest thing for me was not hearing my children and not being able to hear music.

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