The SayWhatClub Convention in Philadelphia

I find it very interesting to attend conventions where everyone is either deaf or has a hearing loss.   I love meeting people with hearing loss.  There’s alot of common ground.  We all have been there and done that stories to tell and boy some of these stories are awesome.  Its great seeing others in hearing aids, implants and others learning new info.   The Convention was provided with CART, so the seminars were accessible.  One interpreter was present as well for a member who was a signer.

This year we had two members from New Zealand who so happened to sign.  That is, they signed New Zealand sign language.  Knowing ASL, I was amazed at some of the similarities and differences.  I was also amazed at hearing their accents.  Thats right, they have the accent, not me!

 One thing that always appears to be fun is not having any hearing people around.    All of us are speaking but no one there to tell u you’re speaking too loud or telling you u’ve misunderstood what was being said or that you’re speaking out of turn.   Sometimes, I have to admit, its somewhat comical.  Looking around the room, everyone’s mouth is moving but I can’t tell which conversation I’m listening too and for some reason, it doesn’t matter.  No one gets upset about not hearing and everyone is willing to do whatever they can to get the message across.   Of course, sign language is always a good alternative. But most of us are not signers but we are certainly talkers.

The comeradie is just nothing u can get anywhere else.   Anyone have stories to share about their convention experiences in the deaf or hearing loss communities?

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  1. So right you are Pearl!

    I got back to Sacramento last night (I missed my first flight, but Continental was accomodating).

    I can’t begin to put into words how wonderful it was to meet my friends, put faces to names, share smiles, hugs, tears, and acceptance.

    And the seminars and workshops were amazing – I’ve been to “professional” seminars that weren’t nearly as powerful and informative.

    And I’m so happy that this WON’T be the last Con, and that it’s coming out west next year. 😉

    I’ll write more of my memories down soon, because I just have to. 🙂

    My deepest thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this together. AWESOME doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    Paul S

  2. I am a little jealous of you Con attendees, and sad that I wasn’t able to go to Con this year, but I probably would have been a little like a fish out of water around a large group of people with hearing loss, as I am new to all this socializing with others like me. I am looking forward to next years Con so that I can put some faces with the names of friends that I have made in the SayWhatClub. Also, I want to become as knowledgeable as those who seem to make the most of what they CAN DO and not what they can’t do, and it seems there are so many workshops that help with that goal. I am so glad Philly was such a success!! Hope to see you all next year!!

  3. Michele,
    I love that CAN DO attitude too. I came away from the convention with information about how to take up the piano again, as an HH/deaf person. I’ve been so happy!!! I even tried the piano again yesterday without the equalizer mentioned in one fo the workshops. The second thing I tried– which I hadn’t before– was webcaptel. I had heard about it, but never tried it. OH SO COOL!! I could even talk to my daughter on her cell which has been a problem for awhile. 🙂

  4. Yea, the equalizer mentioned in the workshop.
    Where do you get that? and will it work with say a personal CD player? I didn’t get all the info on that, and am very curious to try, if I know where to purchase. thanks–Susan D

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