The SWC Philadelphia 2008 Convention – July 9-12, 2008

The SWC Philadelphia 2008 Convention
July 9-12, 2008
My Perspective
by Paul Schneider

This was both my first SWC con, and my first time in Philly. The short description: AWESOME.

I’d been told, of course, that attending an SWC convention is an amazingly wonderful experience – but there aren’t any words that can capture what it really means.

I met so many of my wonderful, beautiful friends that I’d shared with on-line – as well as many others that I hadn’t. True to our club, everyone was so accepting, helpful, and generous with whatever it took for us to understand each other – there wasn’t even one single moment of embarrassment or frustration with my friends (the hotel staff was a different story, of course).

I’ve said it already elsewhere, and I’ll say it again – the seminars and workshops at this con were better quality than seminars I (or my employer) have paid hundreds of dollars to attend – and these were FULLY ACCOMMODATED. Kudos and thanks to all the presenters and vendors, and also to Gayl, who provided superb CART service throughout all the events.

I also got to discover Philadelphia, roaming with my SWC friends, both in guided tours, and on our own. I want to go back – but unless I get to go back with my SWC friends, it won’t be quite the same. The DUCKS were awesome! If you go to Philly and don’t ride the DUCKS, well quack quack is all I have to say to you!

Why attend an SWC convention? The answer’s easy. This was our best chance all year to meet each other and share time, knowledge, and a great city in the company of folks who totally understand our struggles, sorrows, and yes, joys of hearing loss.

Will I attend a future con? You bet I will!

Paul S

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  1. Paul ..

    Interesting article. Glad you had a great time. I have never been to a SWC function/convention but it sounds interesting.

    By the way, what are the DUCKS rides?

    Sounds fun!



  2. Aye Paul! I know exactly how you feel. Once you’ve attended a Con, your life is never quite the same. This was my fourth, (I’ve missed four since joining. . . San Diego, Chicago, Florida and St.Louis)I live for these each summer, when on-line friends become real-time friends. There’s no difference once you’ve met in person. Despite the miles between us, I feel much closer to you and the others that I met for the first time, as well. Yes– it WAS well organized. We just keep getting better and better thanks to the BOD and other dedicated members. You were so fun. Soooo– You’re going to Portland next year??? Smiles, Kim

  3. Hi Paotie,

    The DUCKS are amphibious (land/water) vehicles that take you on a wonderful tour of the historic district of Philadelphia, and then “splash!” – into the river you go!

    This is a MUST DO if you ever visit Philly. 🙂

    Paul S

  4. Thanks Kim,

    It should be obvious that I’ve become an evangelist for the cons – no doubt I’ll be serving on the steering committe for the next one (not bragging, just the facts, ma’am).

    Paul S

  5. Absolutely right: one’s life is never the same after a SayCon. I’ve never met a stranger at a SayCon. It’s like walking into the best neighborhood in the world, and very soon everyone knows your name! The activities are well planned, and one can pick & choose as desired. The late evenings kicking back in the bar is really great: compare notes about the day & share stories. The workshops are informative, and accessible, thanks to our fabulous CART lady, Gayl. Awesome job that she does!!
    hugs to all: Susan D

  6. Susan,

    Thanks for your comment. What a joy it was to meet you (and yeah, it took me a couple tries to know your name ). I’ve just been awestruck by the wonderful friendship and comeraderie at our Con. My SWC friends are simply awesome, and I can’t wait for my next chance, next year, to get together again.

    Paul S

  7. Sherry A. Cochran | |

    Just wanted to say how wonderful the SWC Philly Con was: meeting people I only knew online, having the chance to see people again I’d already met in person and getting to know so many NEW members will be some of my most cherished memories!! It was so much fun to interact/socialize/shop/go on group events or just going out to eat or walk around the area w/other SWCers; it was a fantastic, enjoyable experience!

    A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who worked so hard to make the Piladelphia Convention the great success it was with interesting venders, informative speakers & fantastic xtras like the self defense course & Neil Bauman’s collection of antique HAs & ALDs! The ease of interacting with others who have every conceivable level of hearing loss was, creating a glorious mix and filled with hearwarming people, was one of the best experiences of my life! Not having to constantly worry about communication or embarassing myself as I do when I attend hearing events was so relaxing & FUN!! I could enjoy myself without constantly being on guard about knowing what the subject of conversation was or if I might make an inappropriate comment; nobody made anyone feel bad if they misunderstood or said something not related to the “subject,” it was all such a complete acceptance of each other’s hearing loss and so much effort put forth on each person’s part to help with the communication process, even if it meant using pen & paper–it was no big deal & so stress free, I wanted the Con to go on forever!
    Sherry Cochran

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